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Press 1 for Venting

By Laura Laing

There was a meme on Facebook recently that read: “The way you say ‘representative’ to…

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Finding My Fellows

By Laura Laing, ASJA President

I first learned the word “fellowship” in the little Lutheran church I grew up in….


Are You Missing Out?‎

By Wendy Helfenbaum

Quick… what’s the fastest way to get top ROI for your ASJA membership dues? It’s a trick question, actually.


A Look Under the Hood

By Laura Laing

We mostly notice machines for what they do—dry our laundry, print a document, take us…


Give and Take

By Laura Laing

I am an introvert. I have to tell people this, because I do not act…


Tele-Connections 2021: Don’t Miss Out

By By Erin O’Donnell and Jeannette Hurt, Co-Chairs, Tele-Connections 2021‎

This year’s Client Connections, which has been renamed for its virtual nature as Tele-Connections, is…