Who We Are

Who We Are

Founded in 1948, ASJA (the American Society of Journalists and Authors) is the nation’s leading professional organization of independent nonfiction writers.

Our members are outstanding nonfiction freelance writers who meet ASJA’s exacting standards of professional achievement. ASJA serves the entire freelance and publishing communities, through a variety of programs and initiatives.

Our Story

To be in the company of such accomplished and talented writers is humbling. To see firsthand the positive affects ASJA has on the careers of individual writers — and the freelance writing industry as a whole — is a gift.

Laura Laing, ASJA Past President

For members

ASJA offers extensive professional development benefits and services, including confidential market information, meetings with editors, clients, and others in the field, seminars and workshops, and, above all, the opportunity for members to explore professional issues and concerns with their peers.

For independent writers

ASJA is a leading representative of freelance writers’ interests, serving as a voice for the rights of all independent writers to control and profit from uses of their work, as well as succeed as solopreneurs.

For those hiring professional freelance writers

ASJA offers ready access to proven writers. Our members are professionals, expert at producing articles, books, brochures, social media campaigns, website copy, blog posts and scripts on any imaginable subject.

For the entire publishing community

ASJA helps develop professional and ethical standards. We recognize and encourage the pursuit of excellence in nonfiction writing.

Not a member?

Join ASJA for access to a robust slate of professional development and client networking opportunities–and the largest, most active community of professional freelance writers in the world.


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