ASJA Logo & Style Guide

ASJA Logo & Style Guide

In 2020, ASJA adopted a new logo. Featuring three bright colors, this new design reflects the three main types of writing that ASJA members do: journalism, books, and content marketing.


ASJA Wordmark

You can use the ASJA wordmark when you’re communicating with an audience that’s already familiar with the organization. But you can also use it to help build recognition for the ASJA brand.

Download ASJA Wordmark


You can use the ASJA logo in more formal instances or when you’re communicating with an audience who might be unfamiliar with ASJA.

Download ASJA logo

We encourage ASJA volunteers to download and use versions of this logo in all ASJA communications, including:

• Conference materials
• Communications to potential partners and sponsors
• Webinar materials

Please replace the old ASJA logo anywhere it appears with this new logo. You’re welcome to use either the ASJA wordmark or ASJA logo to represent the organization. It’s up to you.

We also encourage members to download an ASJA member badge and use it in their own marketing materials. Scroll down to view a full ASJA logo style guide, as well as the ASJA member badge.

ASJA Logo Style Guide

Together, the graphic elements of the refreshed logo support ASJA’s mission: “To be the voice and career resource for independent, entrepreneurial, professional nonfiction writers.

ASJA Members Badge

ASJA members are invited to use this member badge in their email signatures and on their websites.

View Members Badge