Access live and recorded professional development webinars and masterminds, hosted by experts—no matter where you are in the world.

Fostering a professional freelance career—or launching one—takes a lot of effort. ASJA is the place for ongoing professional development for journalists, book authors, and content marketing writers. In the past, our members have had to travel once a year to brush up on skills and learn new ones. Now members and non-members can take advantage of virtual sessions led by some of the best and brightest in the field.

ASJA Events

ASJA provides professional development and networking programs created and taught by experts in skills that can help advance your career.

Upcoming Events


These hour-long virtual sessions feature a presentation made by an expert, as well as time for Q&A. Past topics have ranged from personal branding on social media to secrets of book publishing, from how to do a TED Talk to what the PRO Act means for freelancers. 

All webinars are recorded and available to members and non-members after the session concludes. Most webinars and recordings are free for members, and some are available to non-members for a fee. Details about cost are included within each webinar’s announcement. 

During webinars, your video and audio are turned off. The chat feature is a great place to discuss the session as it’s happening, and you can ask questions in the Q&A feature. Time is reserved at the end of each session to answer as many questions as possible. Many presenters offer supporting documents—like Power Point slides and one-sheets—which may be linked in the chat feature and are always sent via email after the event concludes. 


Longer and more interactive than a webinar, a mastermind is designed as a deeper dive. You may have the opportunity to share pitches or story ideas for feedback, and everyone is encouraged to join in the discussion. (Video and audio are turned on for masterminds.) Some masterminds are reserved for members only.

Masterminds are not recorded, and registration is capped so that everyone has a chance to be heard. You may be asked to prepare for a mastermind—to bring a pitch or story idea, for example. Like webinars, mastermind presenters may also provide handouts, which are shared during and/or after the session.

Virtual Education FAQ

How do I register for a virtual education event?


Webinars and masterminds are listed in the Event section of the website and announced in Weekly and on the ASJA member Facebook page. They are also promoted via ASJA’s social media accounts. Click the event listing for information about signing up.

Before the event, you will receive a Zoom link at the email address you used to register. (Check your spam filter if you don’t receive an email.) That link is unique and cannot be shared with others. Please save your link so that you can access it on the day of the event. Staff may not be able to resend the link if you can’t find it just before the webinar or mastermind begins.

What else should I know?

If you’re attending a mastermind, please do so from a quiet, private place. Remember, your audio and video will be turned on. Noise from a coffee shop or a barking dog is disruptive and unfair to other participants and the presenter.

Be sure to read through any correspondence you receive from the presenter or staff before the event begins. You want to come prepared. 

If you cannot attend a webinar that you’ve registered for, there is no need to let staff know. Simply make a note to listen to the recording. 

However, you should send staff an email if you can no longer attend a mastermind. Because registration is capped, we may have a waiting list of individuals who would like to be there. Refunds are not offered for cancelations, and we may not be able to offer a last-minute slot to those on the waiting list.

After the event concludes, you’ll receive an email that includes a link to a survey, any handouts that the presenter made for participants, and a link to the recording. Please complete the survey. We use that feedback to make decisions about upcoming virtual education programming.