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Writers Need Vacations Too

By Michelle Rafter

All work and no play doesn’t just make Jack a dull boy. It makes Jack…

Writers Emergency Assistance Fund

If you’ve been hit by an unexpected emergency that prevents you from working, ASJA’s Writers Emergency Assistance Fund (WEAF) is here for you. Review the qualifications and start your application here.

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ASJA brings webinars directly to you on diverse topics featuring experts in their fields. From understanding the PRO Act to branding and SEO, you can keep learning all year with no need to travel.

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Virtual Pitch Slams (VPS) are one-hour, interactive phone conference calls during which a moderator hosts a client and ASJA members give live pitches over the telephone.

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ASJA members are some of the most altruistic people in the world. Sharing know-how, feedback, and even funds are par for the course.

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