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ASJA August Webinar: National Publications to Pitch Right Now

Webinars and Masterminds

Our webinars and masterminds bring experts and expert opinions to your computer, streaming the latest advice, insight, and know-how just when you need it. If you miss a webinar, you can catch the recording later.

Recordings of recent webinars

Wellness webinar

Mindful Movement: How Writers Can Reduce Body Stress and Boost Wellness During the Workday

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Do you want to say that?

Do You Really Want to Say That? Q&A on Inclusive Writing With Janet Stovall

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Balancing freelance

Balancing Freelance While a Full-Time Employee

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LinkedIn webinar

How to use LinkedIn so that your next client or job finds you!

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So You're Thinking of Writing a Climate Book?

So You’re Thinking About Writing A Climate Book?

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ASJA AI webinar

Disruptive AI and Blabbing Chatbots: Are You Ready to Fight or Adapt?

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Nutrition facts

ASJA Member Benefit: Access to Examine Nutrition Database

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ASJA holds both virtual conferences, which are more accessible and affordable for some members and attract potential members, as well as in-person conferences, which provide the excitement and camaraderie of meeting face to face. Both virtual and in-person conferences include ASJA’s exclusive Client Connections, affectionately known as “speed dating for editors and writers.”

ASJA Virtual Client Connections

Virtual Client Connections offers one-on-one meetings with top magazines, publishers, and agencies, which can lead to long-term successful business relationships.

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ASJA Virtual Coffee Chats

Weekly ASJA’s Virtual Coffee Chats are informal virtual discussions. are designed to connect you with other members. For one hour each week, you can network with other ASJA members, talk about your challenges and successes, get your questions answered, and share your experience and ideas.

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