What We Do

What We Do

ASJA is the voice and career resource for independent, entrepreneurial professional nonfiction writers.

Our Mission

Professional Development

Our members depend on up-to-date, relevant resources that address changes in the nonfiction freelance industry. ASJA webinars, masterminds, conferences, and publications keep members in the know about the things that affect their business: from trends to technology, from industry changes to political influences. In addition, we help members reach the clients who need them, through virtual and in-person client networking events.

Client Networking

Your freelancing business requires constant feeding. Passive marketing, like websites and LinkedIn profiles are never enough when it comes to attracting potential clients. That’s where ASJA’s Client Networking programs come in. Through a variety of in-person and virtual events, you can get to know clients—and they can get to know you.


ASJA represents freelance writers on the local, state, and national political fields. We actively support legislation that furthers the careers of our members and the rights of a free press and free expression. We advocate against legislation that limits our members’ careers or freedom of the press. In these efforts, ASJA acknowledges that a free press is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy.

Annual Awards

ASJA celebrates stellar writing and reporting. Our annual awards program strives to highlight the best freelance writing of the year in journalism, content marketing, and books.


Writer’s Emergency Assistance Fund

WEAF offers grants to professional freelance writers who, because of illness, disability, natural disaster, or extraordinary professional crisis, are unable to work.



Stay in the know with three ASJA publications. ASJA Magazine [member-only benefit] is published (print and online) quarterly; ASJA Confidential is our blog; and Weekly is our emailed newsletter.