Business Tools for Freelancers

November 17, 2021, 3:00 pm-4:00 pm ET

Running Your Business

Full-time employed writers get free access to all the latest software updates as well as trainings in many new programs. But freelancers are generally left to figure it out alone, or get insight from networking at conferences, reading articles or participating in writer groups on social media. In a virtual education webinar on November 17, experienced content writers Tracy Scott and Amy Beardsley will share the tools they have found to keep them productive and successful. Feel free to bring your own suggestions to the group chat.






Webinar Speakers

Tracy Scott

Tracy Scott is a freelance content writer who specializes in personal finance, higher education and technology. Her areas of expertise include consumer credit, insurance, student loans, and small business-related topics.

Amy Beardsley

Amy Beardsley is a content marketing writer specializing in insurance, small business, and long-term financial planning. She has degrees in business administration and legal studies from Ferris State University and worked as a court administrator before becoming a freelance financial writer. Her work has appeared in publications including LendingTree, NerdWallet, Robinhood, Next Insurance, and Insurify.