Five Tips for Maximizing Your Attendance at the ASJA 2023 Virtual Conference

Susan Mangiero

As spring flowers bloom, I hope you are anticipating the ASJA 2023 Virtual Conference with excitement. Scheduled for June 13 through June 15, the program is replete with timely and relevant sessions in three tracks: Journalism, Content Marketing Writing, and Books. Although many of us will miss the in-person handshakes and coffee breaks, armchair traveling cuts down on costs and saves time, all while allowing us to collect tips from industry experts about how to grow our businesses.

To make the most of our online attendance, I asked members of the ASJA conference committee to share their advice. Here is what they had to say.

  1. Share your wisdom with others. Don’t wait to ask a session speaker a question. If you have something to say, add your comment in the chat box. You can post a relevant piece of information or recommend a resource such as a book or link to an organization or editorial outlet.
  2. Make new friends. Sign up for a Snack Chat. These small-group gatherings make it easier to get to know other attendees.
  3. Stay in touch. Connect with speakers and conference attendees on Twitter or LinkedIn. Tell them you met at the ASJA 2023 Virtual Conference, ask them a follow-up question, or simply state what you learned from hearing them speak.
  4. Make the most of technology. Use the Q&A function to ask questions of the speaker or other individuals who are attending the session. Your question may motivate the speaker to clarify or elaborate a statement for everyone’s benefit.
  5. Provide feedback about your experience, whether after each session or after the entire conference ends. Post your thoughts in the ASJA’s Facebook group. Encourage other attendees to share their feedback. Conference organizers want to know what aspect of the conference you like regarding session topics, scheduling, and resources provided to attendees.

As productive as the virtual conference experience can be, don’t forget to manage your expectations. Editors generously donate their time to ASJA. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are making themselves available outside of the Virtual Client Connections for real-time pitches. On the other hand, if a speaker invites the audience to offer story ideas after the conference, and you are interested, the logical next step is an email or phone call to that editor.

Whether you wear pajamas to the conference, walk your dog while listening via mobile, or tune in wearing your favorite blue blazer, know you are part of a dedicated group of freelance writers. We’re focused on a flourishing future, thanks in part to resources provided by ASJA 2023 Virtual Conference speakers and participants. 

 Click here to register for the 2023 ASJA Virtual Conference. See you soon in cyberspace!