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Headshot: Peter LaFrance

By Peter LaFrance

I make this suggestion for two reasons. First, it removes you from your writing space and refreshes your perception of the world. The urban writer has it easiest. Suburban writers are at a bit of a disadvantage in that not all communities consider sidewalks a necessity. And the rural writer may lack either sidewalks or mechanized menaces but they must contend with rugged hiking opportunities.More »

From the President's Desk

by Randy Dotinga

ASJA President, Randy Dotinga

"Please don't write for free," says an SPJ blog post. "Don't give it away," urges a cartoonist in a New York Times op-ed. The Newspaper Guild suggested unpaid Huffington Post writers go on strike . . . Funny thing about those tongue-cluckers who proudly declare they never write for the public for nothing: They probably do, and they probably do it every day.  More »

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