ASJA Launches Associate Membership

ASJA is announcing a new associate level of membership this fall, available to writers who don’t yet have the experience necessary to be a professional member of ASJA. Those who qualify for associate membership will be invited into special mentoring programs and will be able to participate in many of ASJA’s benefits.

ASJA focuses, not only on the craft of writing, but on helping people figure out a business model that works best for their writing businesses. “We believe that creating the associate level of membership will allow more writers to learn about the best business techniques practiced by our very successful professional members,” explains ASJA President Sherry Beck Paprocki. (ASJA members approved the associate membership when they voted on bylaws revisions last spring.)

Hours of volunteer work have gone into creating the associate member program. “We wanted to shape a program that would mentor associate members to help build their careers in today’s very complicated writing world,” says Paprocki. “The new associate level of membership in ASJA, including its entry requirements and benefits, has been carefully developed by ASJA’s Board of Directors, its Membership Growth and Retention Committee and its Associate Members subcommittee.” 

For more information about applying for ASJA’s associate membership level, check out ASJA’s eligibility page.