Secrets of Book Publishing with Susan Shapiro: A Case Study

Book Publishing

Are you a seasoned writer looking to publish your first book this year? Or perhaps you’re an established author looking to fine-tune and improve on your future book launches? Then you’re in the right place! Join us for our virtual session with the renowned Susan Shapiro where we’ll discuss the launch of her new book “The Forgiveness Tour: How to Find the Perfect Apology” and how she went about the publishing process. From conceptualizing the idea and finding an agent all the way to marketing and book promotion post-publication. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to take your writing career to the next level!







Susan Shapiro

An award-winning writing professor, freelances for the NY Times, NY Magazine, WSJ, Washington Post, L.A. Times, Elle, Oprah, Wired & New Yorker online. She’s the bestselling author/co-author of 14 books her family hates like the writing guide The Byline Bible and new memoir The Forgiveness Tour (which an ASJA award helped her publish.) She teaches her popular “instant gratification takes too long” courses at The New School, NYU, Columbia University and in private online classes