How Much Is an ASJA Membership Worth?

As the interim membership engagement chair, I planned to open this blog post by putting a dollar amount for the value I’ve gotten from my ASJA membership over the past 8 years. I wanted to put down an impressive number to show that it is very possible to earn back the money you pay for your ASJA dues many times over. But I couldn’t do that math. Sure, I could just write down the dollar amount of work I’ve earned through client meetings I’ve participated in through ASJA and referrals from other writers I’ve met through ASJA. And while that number, which is easily over $100,000, is impressive alone, I really think it only tells part of the story.

It’s impossible to put a dollar value on a writer I sat next to at the keynote of a regional conference many years ago that turned into an accountability buddy and dear friend. Or the group of dear friends I met through ASJA that formed a mastermind during the dark days of the pandemic and has met weekly to help each other ever since. How can I quantify the inspiration I got from an ASJA session in 2014 that gave me the idea to start my blog, which eventually turned into my book that helped other writers build successful careers? Not to mention the many ways that ASJA has helped that I likely don’t even realize or remember – a productivity tip from the ASJA magazine that helped me get more done in a day, or rate information that gave me courage to ask for more money.

As part of our 2022 New Member Drive, we are offering some promotions to help you grow your career through ASJA resources, programming, and connections with other writers.

Join ASJA at the Lowest Price in a Decade

If you aren’t yet an ASJA member, now is the best time to join – in terms of both discounts and opportunities. If you apply for membership between now and Dec 31, 201, we are waiving both the application and initiation fees ($75 value) for new ‎members at all levels. ‎ASJA offers a range of membership types for all stages of your career as an independent writer – student, associate, professional, and retired. When you apply, use the code 2021FALLDRIVE to waive your initiation fee AND application fee.

Earn a Free ASJA Membership

And if you want to get a discount on your membership for next year, now is the perfect time to refer your writer friends to ASJA – you’ll receive 25% off your own fees for each member who joins. So if you refer four members, you get your ASJA membership free! Between now and Dec 31st, they can join for the lowest price in decades. Don’t forget to give them the code 2021FALLDRIVE to waive their initiation fee AND application fee. And be sure to remind them to put your name on the application.

You get out of AJSA what you put into ASJA

ASJA is like a gym membership. You can’t get in shape by just paying your monthly gym fees – you have to show up, do the work, and use the resources that the gym offers. And the same is true of ASJA: To get the true value of ASJA, you have to take advantage of everything AJSA offers. So as you are renewing or deciding to join ASJA, make a commitment to fully use the resources of AJSA when you pay your dues.

Plan to meet with editors face-to-face at our first in-person conference in two years, attend our exciting slate of planned ASJA webinars, connect with editors from the comfort of your home through Virtual Client Connections, and learn the secrets to landing new work at Virtual Pitch Slams. And be sure to take advantage of our very active and helpful ASJA Members Only Facebook group. Friendly note: To renew your membership, you must first set up a profile on our new website.

I honestly don’t know where my career would be if I hadn’t made the decision to join ASJA in 2013. I can’t even be sure if I would still be a freelancer. And I volunteer my time because I believe in the organization and have seen first-hand the difference membership makes in other writers’ careers.

So during the last month of our 2022 New Member and Renewal Drive, I hope that you make the same decision I make each year at this time – to invest in your own future through an ASJA membership, whether you’re joining for the first time or renewing your current membership.

You and your writing career deserve it.

Photo by Amer Mughawish on Unsplash