Zohray Brennan, Content Marketing Keynote Speaker

Zohray Brennan, Content Marketing Keynote Speaker

Director, B2B Creative Strategy, Morning Brew

Marketing to marketers:
How to successfully pitch yourself as a content marketing writer

Tuesday, October 11, 11:00 a.m. – noon ET

There’s never been a better time to be a content marketing writer. Companies from all industries are realizing that display and social media only do so much to sway people. “Content is king” is a cliche but it’s an accurate one, and luckily for willing writers, there’s a ton of demand.  If you’re reading this, clearly you have successfully demonstrated your capacity to make compelling content on topics and trends. However, how do these marketers find you? What content about YOU is appearing when they try to learn more about you? How are you standing out from the crowd when marketers are seeking ghost writers, content creators, copy specialists, ex-journalists or when they’re not even sure who or what they need? 

In this keynote, content marketing expert Zohray Brennan will share insights into what marketers such as herself are seeking when looking for writers, the current best practices for content creation, and thoughts on what the next year holds for content marketing.

An avid pop-culture fan and content marketer, you may know Zohray from the credits of SpongeBob video games, a viral tweet with Marshmello from the Forbes 2020 30 Under 30 unveiling, or engaging with Kumail Nanjiani on Twitter.

She’s also a nerdy marketer who enjoys solving business challenges and a MacGyver-like skillset that allows her to understand the right channels, messaging, and strategies that meet clients’ goals. She’s been fortunate to work closely with some of the top brands in real estate, tech, healthcare, auto, and luxury to deliver innovative integrated campaigns that are genuine and deliver clear ROI.

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