ASJA Announces Shutdown Relief for Conference Attendees

The government shutdown is affecting everyone. For writers attending the ASJA’s annual New York conference in May who expect to miss the deadline for early discount registration bargains because of the shutdown’s financial impact, take heart. We understand the hardship, we want to see you in New York, and we can help. Writers who notify ASJA of their intent to attend the conference will receive a temporary deferment of the registration fee and will be able to register later for the same fee in effect at the time of notification.

For example, the Extra Early Bird, two-day rate ($399 for members, $439 for non-members) ends on January 31. Writers affected by the shutdown who want to attend the conference can notify the ASJA office by emailing before the January 31 deadline and “reserve” the Extra Early Bird price until later, when the shutdown finally ends. If the shutdown continues beyond January 31, and we all hope that it’s resolved before then, the same deferment will be available for Early Bird registrations (February 1-March 20).

The main stipulation is that writers who take advantage of the deferment are required to pay the applicable registration fee in advance of the conference, not later than April 5th 2019. Conference dates are May 5-6, 2019.

Milt Toby
ASJA President