The New ASJA Magazine

My name is Stephanie Vozza, and I’m the new editor of ASJA Magazine. If we haven’t yet met, I’ve been an ASJA Professional Member since 2014. I’ve attended (and volunteered at) several national and regional conferences, and I am a former SIG leader and mentor. My professional background is in journalism and content marketing. I’ve been a writer and editor for three decades, focusing mainly on business and real estate.

Now that we’re up to speed with the introduction, let me start by saying I’m excited to be taking the helm at ASJA Magazine. In surveys, members rank the publication as a top benefit. For years, it’s provided tips and resources for professional writers, covering everything from fiction to non-fiction to content marketing.

Starting with the October 2019 issue, we’re giving the magazine a bit of a makeover. First up: frequency. ASJA Magazine will become a quarterly publication instead of bimonthly. We’re increasing the page count from 28 to 48 pages, providing more room for a deeper dive into topics that are important to you.

Another exciting change at ASJA Magazine: The organization has dedicated a budget, and we’ll start paying features writers with the next issue! We’ll still be relying on members to submit shorter pieces on a volunteer basis; however, as editor I aim to assemble a great stable of writers who will receive paid assignments on a rotating basis.

The theme of the next issue spotlights the State of Freelancing. If you attended the ASJA Conference in New York in May, you were likely inspired by ASJA President Milt Toby’s opening remarks. The magazine will delve into the topics he and other speakers presented. Articles include “Can Journalists Be Content Marketers?” “Landing a Book Deal in 2020,” “Side Hustles for Writers,” and “Why Diversity Matters.”

The business of freelancing is very important to me. During my interview for this position, Milt asked me what I could bring to the magazine. Years ago, I covered economic development for Business Tennessee magazine, where I frequently interviewed business owners. Their stories inspired me to become a business owner myself. I took a brief hiatus from writing to launch an ecommerce brand called The Organized Parent, offering products that could help busy moms organize and simplify their lives. I ran the company for five years and sold it to FranklinCovey Products.

In the midst of my venture, I realized that as a freelance writer I had been a business owner all along. I returned to writing with a new mindset. Once I treated writing like a business, my income, opportunities, and client list soared.

I’m dismayed when I hear writers on various professional sites complain about a lack of opportunity. I believe there’s never been a better time to be a writer. Whether you’re a journalist, an author, a content marketing writer, or a mix of all of the above, I hope to inspire you to look at yourself as an entrepreneur. From creating a unique selling proposition to organizing your time, many of the stories I’ll be writing and assigning for the magazine intend to help you grow your businesses.

I’ll admit that following in the footsteps of former ASJA Magazine editor Aleigh Acerni is daunting. She did a wonderful job in growing the publication to the level it’s at today. I’m excited to take the baton and move forward.  

To start, I have a request for you: I’m currently working on the 2020 Editorial Calendar. As I hammer out the themes, I’d love to get your thoughts. What’s on your mind? What do you want to read about? What do you want to write about?

I’m open to feedback, ideas, and pitches, and I’ll be making assignments soon. You can reach me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

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