Template Letter of Agreement

If your client doesn’t provide a contract, you should offer a letter of agreement.


Dear Editor TK:

It was nice talking with you on the phone/in person/via email on [DATE] regarding an assignment for [STATE MARKET NAME] on [TOPIC]. As we discussed, the TK-word story is due on [DATE]. As we also discussed, the story will include [LIST SPECIFIC DETAILS, INCLUDING SIDEBARS, IMAGES, AND OTHER FEATURES]. The fee for this assignment is $TK, which will be paid [TERMS: “on acceptance,” “on publication,” “30-days after receipt of invoice,” etc.]. You will also pay [ADD ANY ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS, INCLUDING TRAVEL] and [STATE MARKET] will hold [LIST RIGHTS, LIKE FNAR OR WORK MADE FOR HIRE, ETC.] for this assignment.

In the unlikely event that the manuscript does not satisfy the above requirements or is not written in a professional manner, you will give me the opportunity to revise the manuscript. [OUTLINE NUMBER OF EDITS, IF NECESSARY] If it still fails to meet requirements, you will pay me a TK% kill fee ($TK). If I don’t hear from you otherwise, I will assume that these terms are agreeable. Thanks for your interest and cooperation. I’m looking forward to working with you.




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