Tools & Templates

Tools & Templates

ASJA members are some of the most altruistic people in the world. Sharing know-how, feedback, and even funds are par for the course. We’re here to help.

Contracts & Conflicts

All professional freelance writers know that a successful business hinges on solid contracts and smooth payment processes. So how do you get these details right? ASJA has created a set of best practices to address contracts and payment problems. With these tools and templates, you can start client relationships strong—and get paid in full and on time.

Copyright Self Help

Finding your work on a website or publication without permission is a violation of copyright law. You can fight to have your work removed.


Payment Self Help

You’ve landed the assignment and turned in brilliant copy. What happens when payment doesn’t arrive on time and in full?


Payments Best Practices

We’ve all had to fight for payment at some point, but there are some steps you can take to keep your cash flow on track and payment problems to a minimum.


Sample Letter of Agreement

If your client doesn’t provide a contract, you should offer a letter of agreement.


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