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An award-winning freelance writer specializing in health, I have written content for hospitals, research institutions, universities, non-profits, and agencies. I’ve also written for many consumer publications, both print and digital, such as Today’s Parent, Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Reader’s Digest Canada, the Globe and Mail, WebMD, Best Health, and Walmart Live Better. 

In particular, I’ve written extensively about women’s, children’s and older adults’ health. For instance, as a longtime regular contributor to Good Times, a Canadian retirement magazine, I write a health feature, a health news page, and a ‘Reader’s Question’ column for each issue. 

However, I have also covered a wide array of other topics, including food, parenting, business (especially issues relevant to women), as well as lifestyle, vision care, dental health, skin care, fertility issues, pregnancy, and birth.

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Health & Medicine

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  • Annual reports
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  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
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Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Good Times, Globe & Mail, Today’s Parent, WebMD, IG Wealth Management, Western Alumni Gazette, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Canada) newsletter.

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National Magazine Awards (Canada)

  • Gold (Service & Family) — 2003. Today’s Parent, Safe Streets, Safe Kids supplement (bike helmets, vehicles, walking, getting to school).

Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada Journalism Awards for Excellence in Women’s Health Reporting 

  • Honourable Mention — 2011. Today’s Parent Pregnancy, Induction Overload.

National Mature Media Awards (US)

  • Gold — 2006. Good Times, How to Keep Driving Safely.
  • Gold — 2006. Good Times, Live Longer—Stop Smoking. 
  • Silver — 2006. Good Times, The Greatest Gift (Organ Transplant).
  • Bronze — 2006. Good Times, Morning Stiffness. 
  • Silver — 2005. Good Times, Arthritis Research. 
  • Gold — 2004. Good Times, After the Stroke. 
  • Gold — 2003. Good Times,Pain Management.
  • Silver — 2003. Good Times, Santa’s Having His Annual Physical.
  • Silver — 2002. Good Times, Difficult Diagnosis. 

How Heart Disease Threatens Women

Magazine health feature for people 55+. While women fear breast cancer, we’re five times more likely to die of heart disease. This article explains risk factors unique to women (including a history of certain pregnancy complications), how they can reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease, and how to recognize symptoms of a heart attack.


New Hips, Shorter Trips

Sponsored content feature for a hospital magazine. This piece outlines why most hip and knee replacement surgery patients at one Canadian hospital are now able to safely go home the same day.


The Lowdown on Endometrial Ablation


Article for a women’s magazine. This piece explains how a less drastic procedure than hysterectomy (surgery to remove the uterus) can help some women who experience debilitating ‘crime-scene’ periods.


Rehab at the Ready

Sponsored content article for a hospital system. This story explains how a team at a Canadian hospital immediately recognized the implications of the COVID pandemic for in-person care and rapidly pivoted to delivering rehabilitation services virtually. In the process, the group created a free ‘how-to’ resource for other institutions.


First Treatment for Peanut Allergy Approved by FDA

News story for parents. The FDA approval of this medication heralded a new era in the treatment of children with a potentially life-threatening allergy to peanuts.


Job-Hunting Women Over 45 Face Double-Barreled Obstacle of Gendered Ageism

Article for a national (Canadian) newspaper. Why women 45 or older may be at a distinct disadvantage when job-hunting, and why this group can be a valuable asset to prospective employers.


Physician Alerts Parents to Availability of Meningococcal Vaccine

Sponsored content article for a national (Canadian) newspaper. Parents might assume their child is protected against all serious vaccine-preventable childhood illnesses if their routine vaccinations are up-to-date. But they may be missing one that protects against a rare, but  potentially deadly bacterial infection—meningococcal disease.


Job-Hunting Women Over 45 Face Double Barreled Obstacle of Gendered Ageism

Article for a national (Canadian) newspaper. Why women 45 or older may be at a distinct disadvantage when job-hunting, and why this group can be a valuable asset to prospective employers.


The Ups and Downs of Living With Chronic Blood Cancer

Sponsored content article for a registered charitable health agency. This piece is intended to raise public awareness about the unique challenges faced by people who are living with chronic blood cancers.


Puffy Eye Problems

Magazine column for people 55+. Still have bags under your eyes despite applying special cream every night? What causes eye puffiness and eye bags, and why creams aren’t the answer.


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