Meet Your Next Content Marketing Client in New York!

Companies need your reporting and writing skills to help them tell their stories. Client Connections at ASJA’s 2019 Annual Conference gives you the opportunity to sit down for face-to-face meetings with a variety of content marketing agencies. Is one of these agencies your future favorite client?

Skyword Molly Concinella says Skyword works with freelance writers and creatives to create many types of content, including web articles, case studies, white papers, e-books, infographics, video scripts, web copy, and more. “We work with clients asking for experts in B2B tech, B2B and personal finance, banking, B2B and consumer healthcare, energy, human resources, small business, and practitioners, such as dentists, veterinarians, and contractors,” Concinella explains. “We also work with clients in 14 languages, so international and foreign language writers are welcome.” Interested writers should come ready to highlight an area of their expertise and provide digital samples that show their knowledge in the space.

Vox Creative Marcy F. Bosco needs writers to produce reported features and articles, paid for by advertisers of Vox Media. She also occasionally needs writers for social media, content marketing, and idea generation. Experience working with advertisers is a plus. Priority specializations include consumer tech, B2B, personal finance, tech (AI, 5G, smart cities, auto, etc.). Secondary specializations include food, travel, home and interiors, and sports. “All of our work is branded content, paid for by an advertiser,” Bosco says. “Any writers for Vox Creative must be comfortable working with some client stipulations in assignments.” She adds that the Vox Creative website does a good job of highlighting its work.

Original 9 Media Lori Hoffman and Maria Minsker say their agency contracts with writers to work on feature articles, white papers, case studies, blogs, and e-books. They look for writers with the ability to write marketing content with the skills of a journalist: producing clean copy that is well-researched and demonstrates sophisticated thinking. “We are looking for freelancers and full-time employees,” Hoffman says. “We are a young CM agency with clients that range from b-to-b SAAS clients to consumer clients.”

Luminary Labs This strategy and innovation consultancy is looking for writers with experience in complex topics such as health/pharma, science, and technology to produce newsletters, articles, reports, and content marketing materials. “We work with private sector, public sector, and nonprofit foundation clients on ‘thorny problems that matter,’ including the opioid crisis, biothreat detection, chronic disease, democratization of science, and the future of work,” explains Jessica Hibbard. “We sometimes hire freelance writers to help us with client work or internal marketing (thought leadership) projects,” she adds.

Find A Way Media We have a few incredible freelance authors for our online publication, The Beat. They conduct interview series, pitch articles, and manage our social media,” explains Christopher Gillespie. “For client work (what we call production), freelancers do everything from pitching clients and interviewing experts to producing and designing the content.” Find a Way Media needs precise writing, B2B software experience, and the ability to “help our clients ditch the jargon and grow by telling stories.” The Beat accepts pitches from all types of writers, marketers, and freelancers, but “our client work is very narrowly focused on B2B software companies.”

Perfect Sense Stephen Zorio and Rob Irvine say Perfect Sense uses freelancers for a wide variety of content, including articles, blog posts, and white papers. They seek writers with expertise in the following areas: marketing technology and the evolution of digital marketing; AI/VR/IOT and both their practical/right now and forward-looking uses; the application of technology by small business and consumers; supply chain technology; localized travel or small biz features, such as “the best state parks in Indiana” or “Ohio’s small business community leaders;” successful executive leadership trends, particularly real world examples; digital consumer trends, or what is resonating with audiences in that space; and exec/leadership profiles and Q&A pieces.

King Fish Media As a marketing agency, King Fish builds media channels including websites, white paper, e-books, social media, blogs, video, and infographics, explains Cam Brown. “Our editorial teams include the writers on the upfront strategy team, which is a 5- to 10-week discovery period,” he says. “During that period, writers are compensated on either an hourly or by-project basis. We have over 300 writers who have been profiled in our network. Every year, we partner with 50+ of those writers, based on our client requirements. If we get to the point where we ask for a profile, then writers are likely to be assigned at some point in the future. Patience matters: we have running accounts that are already assigned, and steadily bring in new business, but the area of expertise required will not be appropriate for all writers.”

As the conference draws closer, new content marketing agencies, editors, and literary agents are registering daily to meet with writers like you. Keep tabs on clients by checking here often.

Registration for the lottery to win 9-minute face-to-face meetings with these clients will be open for ASJA Professional Members from April 17-22. (Put these dates on your calendar NOW!) This is the ONLY way to sign up to meet with these clients. You must be registered for the conference that day to participate.

Please read the FAQs if this is your first time participating. See you in New York!