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Fall Virtual Client Connections

Fall Virtual Client Connections

The Next VCC is scheduled for Nov. 9-11 and Nov. 16-18, 2021

Member Sign-ups will be Tuesday – Thursday (3 days)* 10/26/21 – 10/28/21


More information on registration will be available here and in the ASJA Weekly. For more information on Virtual Client Connections, please read the VCC FAQ.

*Note: Due to requests from clients, if a client specifically requests an opportunity to meet with diverse writers, during the FIRST 24 hours of sign-ups, three slots will be open and reserved specifically for diverse writers. Any slots open after 24 hours will be available to any professional members.


Virtual Client Connections Code of Conduct

Yes. By participating in Virtual Client Connections, you agree to act in a courteous and professional manner. This is a fast-paced event that must run smoothly to allow for successful meetings. Deviating even slightly from the rules (trying to remain at your meeting longer than the allotted time, for example) is very disruptive and unkind to both your editor and your fellow members. Anyone who violates the rules outlined here will not be allowed to participate and may even be prohibited from participating in future events.