Content Marketing Track

Fall 2022 Virtual Conference: Content Marketing Track

We’re offering the advice and tools you need to succeed in this fast-paced and exciting sector of freelance writing.

Content marketing writing offers a wide-range of assignments in a variety of areas, from agriculture to technology to medicine. Sessions include advice on negotiating with clients, nailing “brand voice,” and making $200K as a content marketing writer.

Keynote Speaker

Zohray Brennan, Director, B2B Creative Strategy, Morning Brew

Tuesday, October 11, 11:00 a.m. – noon ET

There’s never been a better time to be a content marketing writer. Companies from all industries are realizing that display and social media only do so much to sway people. Content marketing expert Zohray Brennan will share insights into what marketers such as herself are seeking when looking for writers, the current best practices for content creation, and thoughts on what the next year holds for content marketing.

Sessions: Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Tuesday Content Marketing Sessions

How to Land and Work Directly with Businesses

12:15 – 1:15 p.m. ET

In freelancing circles, there’s a lot of debate about whether it’s better (and more lucrative) to work directly with businesses versus agencies. There are pros and cons to each, but cracking the nut of working directly with a business is something many content marketing writers want to do. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • How the planning, writing and editing process differs when contracting with a business
  • How to find businesses to work with and the best way to pitch your services
  • Myth or fact: You can make more freelancing directly for a company
  • Once you get your foot in the door, how do you increase your services to get more work?
  • What to expect from your role and scope of work when working with a business
  • How does working directly with a big business versus a small one change the experience?
  • Brainstorming ideas to find businesses to approach

Debbie Abrams Kaplan works with both agencies and businesses directly. This ASJA member believes in talking to everyone and has found clients by approaching companies at a street fair, talking to tourists in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, and asking friends at target companies if they needed a writer. Debbie focuses on healthcare, medical and supply chain topics in journalism and content marketing. You can find her at KaplanInk, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Alexandra Frost is a Cincinnati-based freelance journalist, content marketing writer, copywriter, and editor focusing on health and wellness, parenting, real estate, business, education, and lifestyle. Away from the keyboard, Alex is also mom to her four sons under age 7, who keep things chaotic, fun, and interesting. For over a decade she has been helping publications and companies connect with readers and bring high-quality information and research to them in a relatable voice. She has been published in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Glamour, Shape, Today’s Parent, Reader’s Digest, Parents, Women’s Health, and Insider. Alex has a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications/Journalism, both from Miami University. She has also taught high school for 10 years, specializing in media education. To read more of her work or to connect, check out her website

Cathie Ericson is an Oregon-based content marketer and freelance writer who writes for brands and publishers on a diverse array of subjects that include personal finance, education, retail, professional services, health and more. Her satisfied clients include companies, agencies and publishing partners, who appreciate her ability to adapt tone, voice and message to reflect their audiences’ needs.


Toni Fitzgerald is a writer and editor with more than two decades of experience. She has freelanced for agencies, universities, SEO firms and Fortune 1,000 companies, in addition to writing articles for Narratively,, The Writer, Diabetes Self-Management and dozens of other publications. If she’s not running, reading or drinking a cup of tea, she’s with her husband watching their two teenagers play their many sports.

Eve Teichman is an editor turned content marketer with a deep knowledge of healthcare and medical sciences. She started her career as a Features Editor at Medscape for WebMD where she became familiar with the editorial process, moving content from pitching to publishing. She later joined Weber Shandwick as a Senior Editor, managing corporate newsrooms, blogs, E-commerce sites and social media accounts for pharmaceutical brands like Novartis, GSK, Pfizer, Sanofi and Celgene. Currently, she’s a Content Marketing Lead at PocketHealth, a platform for patients to store and share their medical imaging records. Her day-to-day includes developing and managing all website content including blogs, newsroom and copy.


Rate My Website and LinkedIn Profile

1:30 – 2:30 p.m. ET

Your LinkedIn profile and personal website are where you showcase your best writing samples, your experience and your multitude of skills. They need to be accessible, appealing and current. In this live interactive panel – an encore performance of the popular session from the May 2022 ASJA conference – we’ll get the inside scoop on what content marketing editors are looking for, invite participants to share their pages and look for opportunities for optimization.

We’ll discuss how to:

  • Provide easy entry points for potential clients to quickly find what’s relevant to them
  • Make your page SEO friendly with keyword-rich titles
  • Maximize all the features that LinkedIn offers (custom URL, endorsements, hashtags, etc.)
  • Ensure your photos/graphics add to the value of your page
  • Keep your clip links current and active (no dead links!)
  • Solicit recommendations so that your clients can sing your praises for you

Kristin Baird Rattini is a versatile freelance writer and editor with three decades of clips for such national publications as National Geographic Books, Discover and American Way. Content marketing, travel and consumer finance have always been part of my editorial mix. Personal profiles are my sweet spot, be they for alumni magazines (Georgia Tech, Notre Dame +24 others), healthcare publications (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Yale Cancer Center) or travel magazines (Yachting Magazine’s “Island Icon” column). My experience enables me to quickly turn from new contributor to trusted team member for my clients.

Dahna Chandler, whose first love is writing, is an award-winning finance journalist and banking and wealth industry brand storyteller. She has 25 years’ experience writing about finance for major media outlets including Forbes, Forbes Advisor, Yahoo, Next Avenue, and TODAY. Her editorial content clients have included Northern Trust, eMoney Advisor, Barclays Investment Bank, American Express, Fifth Third Bank Wealth and Asset Management, and New York Life Investments. She writes white papers, case studies, ebooks, and blog posts. Dahna is getting her doctorate in education (Ed.D.) from the University of Southern California. Find her at The Stellar Communicator or on LinkedIn.

Bridget Moore is Director, Editorial, at the NBC News Brand Studio where she has the pleasure of working with the TODAY, NBC News, CNBC and MSNBC brands. As director, she covers pre- and post-sale activity, pitching big ideas to advertisers and producing once sold. Bridget writes and edits stories for digital distribution, ensuring campaigns adhere to NBC News editorial standards and achieve the advertiser’s goals.

Prior to NBCU, Bridget was content director at Time Inc.’s The Foundry, working with advertisers in the luxury, travel and spirits categories across brands including Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, Departures and many others.

Nail Your Client’s Brand Voice

4:00 – 5:00 p.m. ET

Want your clients to love your work and hire you for tons more projects? Writing content that nails their brand voice is key. During this session learn about three different common tones for organizations and how to customize for your specific client.

Jennifer Goforth Gregory wrote the best selling book The Freelance Content Marketing Writer and hosts a popular Facebook Group. Her clients include IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Salesforce, AT&T and Verizon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Breaking Six Figures in Unexpected Niches

1:30 – 2:30 p.m. ET

It’s no secret that tech, finance and health content marketing writing niches support a six figure freelance income. But it is possible to build a six figure business in a non traditional niche traditionally known as a low paying market and here you’ll learn tips for cultivating a lucrative content marketing income stream in a small niche.

Katie Navarra began her writing career exclusively as a journalist in the horse industry. With the goal of breaking six figures she pivoted into content marketing writing four years ago and has surpassed that milestone with a majority of her work coming from the horse and general agriculture industries. She is also a writer in the human resources and education industries. This fall the book Shoeing the Modern Horse, which she co-authored, will be released by Trafalgar Square Publishing.

Alexandra Jones is a writer based in Philadelphia. Her work on food, agriculture, social justice, and sustainability has appeared in outlets like USA Today, Food & Wine, Atlas Obscura, Civil Eats, The Counter, Audubon, and Modern Farmer. She provides editorial services like copywriting and content marketing to clients including small-scale cheesemakers, boutique kitchenware startups, branded content studios, and national corporations. Her first book, Stuff Every Cheese Lover Should Know, was published in 2020.

Janelle Leeson is a biologist turned pet-niche writer. Janelle began writing in 2020 as a passion project for sharing how and where to travel with cats, based on her adventures and hardships traveling with her harness and leashed trained felines. Since then, Janelle has been awarded three certificates of excellence from the Cat Writers’ Association and has found herself in a lucrative career writing about domestic pet behavior and health, first-hand product reviews, and e-commerce roundups.

Back by Popular Demand: Negotiating for Writers

4:00 – 5:00 p.m. ET

If the prospect of asking for more money, rights, details about a project, or time to write turns you to mush, you’re not alone. Negotiating is hard. But it’s essential to build and sustain a successful freelance writing career. And it’s empowering! This session will help you overcome the fear of negotiating to get what you want. Although it’s part of the content marketing track, it’s applicable to any writing genre, and to writers at any stage of their careers. Key takeaways include:

  • Why it pays to negotiate (literally)
  • How to deal with self-doubt and other self-sabotage
  • How to negotiate fees so everybody wins
  • How to negotiate for terms other than money
  • How to avoid common negotiating mistakes
  • How to negotiate with sources, editors, and publishers

When Michelle Rafter first presented this session at the ASJA writers conference in 2017, it was such a hit we asked her for an encore. Rafter is a long-time ASJA member, and business reporter turned ghostwriter who’s written extensively about careers, work and workplace issues, and built a six-figure writing business based in part on her negotiating skills. Find her on LinkedIn, Twitter or

Michelle Rafter is a long-time ASJA member, and business reporter turned ghostwriter who’s written extensively about careers, work and workplace issues, and built a six-figure writing business based in part on her negotiating skills.

How to Be a $200K Freelancer

5:15 – 6:15 p.m. ET

Writers freelance for different reasons, and a high income is not necessarily everyone’s priority (although most wouldn’t knock it). But if you’re interested in increasing your freelance income—and hearing how other writers have done it—come listen to this panel of freelance writers spill the beans on how they built their content marketing writing businesses to the point they are earning $200,000/year (and more!). The focus here is on specific, actionable steps that anyone can take to improve their freelance income.

Leslie Lang is a B2B technology content marketing writer with a journalism degree who creates deliverables that tell clear, interesting stories about IoT, AI, SaaS, hospitality technology, food technology, travel tech, and telehealth. Her work, which includes white papers, ebooks, case studies, ghostwriting, infographics, articles, and blogs for marketing agencies and brands that include Microsoft, Adobe, and IBM. Her business plan continues to include working with nice people (so her work days are pleasant) and doing excellent work (so they hire her again).

Debbie Abrams Kaplan is a long-time ASJA member who covers supply chain, business, health/medical topics for industry and journalism clients. She writes for niche and start-up businesses, as well as global brands like Mastercard and GE. Debbie is also the ASJA advocacy communications chair combatting ABC-test legislation that threatens independent contractors’ status.


 Mary Tindall is the principal of a boutique content marketing agency. She and her team specialize in healthcare and digital health, with a focus on driving thought leadership and supporting the B2B buyer journey. Based in Central Florida, Mary partners with clients throughout the United States.


Kat Tretina is a freelance writer specializing in the fields of personal finance, healthcare and insurance. Her focus is on helping people reduce their debt and boost their incomes. Previously, she worked as a staff writer for Student Loan Hero by LendingTree before transitioning to full-time freelancing in 2018. She’s a certified financial counselor, and is a regulator contributor to The Wall Street Journal’s The Buy Side, Forbes Advisor, and U.S. News. Kat has a B.A. in English and Communications from Elizabethtown College, and an M.A. in Communications

from West Chester University.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Breaking Into Multimedia Content Marketing

12:15 – 1:15 p.m. ET

How to expand your services by writing beyond the page Have you considered writing content for podcasts, videos, or webinars? We’ll have a panel discussion about what it takes to get started and how to succeed in multimedia content marketing. Moderator Kelly McSweeney will lead a conversation with our panelists: Alex Soto from Contently, Daniel Littlewood from Vox Creative, and Matt Egbert from Blink.  In the end, participants will understand: why writers should consider branching out into multimedia content, the types of projects companies hire freelancers for, how writers can boost their skills to ease the transition from text to audio/video, and more.

Kelly McSweeney writes video scripts, moderates webinars, and does traditional content marketing such as white papers and articles. She uses accessible language to explain cutting-edge science and emerging technology to her clients’ targeted audiences. Through interviews and creative storytelling, Kelly helps people get excited about complicated concepts like astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and biotechnology. She also coaches youth soccer and enjoys outdoor activities with family and friends.

Alex Soto, the owner of Soto Communications and freelance managing editor and writer, believes that good storytelling is the core of effective content marketing. In his 20-year career as a content and communications professional, he has helped technology, engineering, and science organizations in business and academia translate complex concepts into meaningful multimedia content that general audiences can understand. He takes a hard look at technical details and facts in his work as a managing editor, but his primary aim is to empower writers and contributors and help their content shine a bit brighter. Alex has a master’s degree in corporate communications.

Daniel Littlewood is the executive producer of The Explainer Studio, which sits within Vox Media’s branded content division. His role is to explain everything from the physics of air filtration to the reason we feel high while running, while making it brand-safe and engaging. Before walking that narrow path, he worked as a documentary editor and oral historian. Must like dogs (because he has one).


Matt Egbert is the Director of Accounts for Blink. He has a passion for bringing meaningful opportunities to the creative community by introducing brands and agencies to Blink’s unique production methodology. He brings a mix of tech and branded content experience, on both the creative and business side. At Google, he introduced wearable tech platforms to brands, politicians, and pro athletes – before making the jump to the content studio world.

Cara Chatt is the Community Manager at Skyword, a content marketing company based in Boston. She connects Skyword’s community of freelance creatives (writers, videographers, designers, photographers, etc.) with various opportunities for industry leading brands in the technology, human resources, accounting, finance, medical, education, etc. spaces. She is the go-to point of contact and source of information at Skyword for any freelance community related questions.

Hannah Cheney is the senior managing editor of content marketing at Hilton. She leads projects such as Hilton’s “Off the Menu” Youtube series, and she’s always busy cooking up new multimedia content ideas.

Answers to Your Biggest CM Client Challenges

4:00 – 5:00 p.m. ET

Architecture firms deal with client challenges. So do advertising firms and law firms. Content marketing professionals are no different. In this session, content marketing professionals will give you advice about how to deal with client challenges and share their own stories of overcoming these challenges—advice that can help you attract and, more importantly, retain clients. And we’ll also discuss how to drop a challenging client without rocking the boat (or at least without the boat sinking).

John Egan is a freelance writer and content marketing strategist in Austin, Texas. He specializes in content focusing on personal finance, real estate, and health and wellness. Among the outlets where John’s work has appeared are, Bankrate, Forbes Advisor, Experian and U.S. News & World Report. He is former editor in chief of the Austin Business Journal, and a graduate of the University of Kansas and Southern New Hampshire University.

Lisa Weinberger began as a content freelancer and focuses on SEO and content marketing. She helps teams to not work in silos and understand content touches all parts of a business. With a background as a higher education professional and corporate trainer, Lisa uses her taxonomy tactics to have all parties effectively communicate. Lisa can be found at When she’s not promoting content, she’s posting TikTok videos of her two boxers, Ivy and Zo.

LaToya Irby is a credit expert with over 15 years of experience writing about credit and personal finance, authoring hundreds of articles for publications like myFICO and (formerly Widely sought for her credit expertise, she has been quoted in numerous media outlets including USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, and many others. She has also had her work cited in The Debtors Resistance Operation Manual by Strike Debt, Debt Free for Life by David Bach, and Criminal Law & Procedure for the Paralegal (Fourth Edition). LaToya has appeared as a guest expert on radio shows across the country and has hosted financial seminars both locally and online.

Snack Chats

How to Find the Right Clients For You

Tuesday, October 11, 2022, 2:45 – 3:45 p.m. ET

Separate registration required and is open now. Snack chats are $10 for members, $20 for non-members.

Registration limit: 25 people.

Where are those amazing clients who pay well, offer interesting work and are easy to work with? Are they unicorns? During this snack chat, we’ll share advice and ideas on how to find great content marketing clients and projects.

Melanie Padgett Powers is the owner of MelEdits. She is a freelance writer, managing editor and copy editor/proofreader in the Washington, D.C., area. She primarily works with membership associations and health care organizations. She has a journalism degree and was a newspaper reporter in her home state of Indiana before moving on to membership associations. She is the creator and host of the Deliberate Freelancer and Association Station podcasts.



How to Stay Balanced as a Freelancer

Wednesday, October 12, 2022, 2:45 – 3:45 p.m. ET

Separate registration required and is open now. Snack chats are $10 for members, $20 for non-members.

Registration limit: 25 people.

Juggling all the responsibilities of a freelance writer can be a real challenge at times, causing stress and a general sense of feeling frazzled. In this session, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for staying balanced throughout the workday. Topics include decorating your workspace with nature imagery and motivational quotes, adding mindful moments to your routine, taking nature breaks outdoors, sticking to a healthy diet, finding time to exercise, and setting social time. Bring your ideas (and your articles and books!) to share with the group.

Sandi Schwartz is an environmental author and freelance journalist published in, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Verywell Family, Scary Mommy, Green Child Magazine, over 70 regional parenting and women’s magazines, and many other publications. Her book, Finding Ecohappiness: Fun Nature Activities to Help Your Kids Feel Happier and Calmer, has been featured in The Washington Post, USA Today, Good HousekeepingNational Geographic, Library Journal, and more. Sandi has been an active member of ASJA since 2019.

Increase Your Income with White Papers

Thursday, October 13, 2022, 2:45 – 3:45 p.m. ET

Separate registration required and is open now. Snack chats are $10 for members, $20 for non-members.

Registration limit: 25 people.

What’s a white paper, and how can they fit into your business strategy? In this session, we’ll tackle tips and tricks for getting white paper assignments. And we’ll also chat about how to avoid some of the biggest pitfalls and challenges — from getting the tone wrong to dealing with constant revisions. Participants with no white paper experience and plenty of white paper experience are encouraged attend to share tips and tricks in this collaborative session.

Sarah Lindenfeld Hall is a longtime journalist, former newspaper staff writer and freelance writer with experience writing white papers for a variety of tech clients in the higher education, procurement, trade organization and financial services spaces. Her other content focuses include HR, business management, education, aging and parenting. Her work has appeared on Mashable, Insider,, Eating Well, Fast Company and Forbes.

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