Why We Blog & How We Make Money At It

Regina Winkle-Bryan

The Spain Scoop or The Scoop, as we lovingly call it, began in late fall in 2008 as a fragile WordPress blog, innocent and clueless. Or maybe that was us, The Scoopettes, who were in fact clueless. Nancy Todd and I met in a writers group in Barcelona, and started the blog because we both had a passion for Spain, where we live. We had grand plans and lots of ideas on what we might blog about. Oh yeah, and we wanted to make money doing it.

Social Media – Connecting Through Blogging:

We all know how important social media is, and one could do Twitter and the rest without a blog. However, blogging takes social media and self-promotion to another level. Since blogs are interactive, they provide another avenue of communication through comments on posts from readers. I find the comments on our posts really useful, in that they offer another perspective, critique my writing, and help keep me informed about current events I may have otherwise missed.

Blogging can also assist a writer in connecting with other writers, and in this way, to network. On The Scoop we are working with bloggers in other Spanish cities to create better content. We share their Tweets, they share ours.

But What About The Money?- Ads &Adding It Up

Everyone seems to agree on is that the first “rule” to making money with a blog is to write good posts. This goes hand in hand with another important “rule”: provide something of value to the reader.

There are many other factors that will make a blog attractive to advertisers, such as traffic, consistency, social media presence, and page rank.

Once we had a few of those details sorted out, we were able to sell advertisements. This is usually in the form of a small banner or badge on the side of the blog page, or just under the header, or near the footer (these ads currently go for $190 for a year and $120 for 6 months. We hope to charge more as our traffic increases!).

We have always used Paypal to receive payments, and have never gone after advertisers, they came to us. That’s something important to remember: If you build it, they will come. We had to put in the work, but once our blog improved in rank we immediately started getting emails from folks interested in banner space. All bloggers have different ways to deal with ads, but on The Scoop we only accept travel related ads, better yet if they have to do with travel in Spain. Another way to earn with a blog is through eBooks and Adsense/Affiliate programs, but we haven’t explored those routes yet. On The Scoop, we can make as little as $250 a month or as much as $800 a month, it all depends on how the ad gods are feeling.