ASJA’s New Logo Launches Today





We’re excited to announce the launch of ASJA’s new logo!

Here are some details on what the new logo represents, how this project came about, and a look under the hood at the process for choosing the final design. We also share where you’ll see the new logo, some thoughts on future direction, and our thanks to volunteers.

Three Design Elements Unite

The new logo design began with a strategic focus on what ASJA represents to current and prospective members. As the only national writer’s organization focused exclusively on freelancers, ASJA deserves a strong logo that speaks to and for them.

The new logo uses a vibrant new color palette to reflect the energy and professionalism that current and aspiring members bring to establishing, growing, and succeeding in their freelance writing businesses.

Three multicolored squares reflect that ASJA members may be journalists (blue), authors (green), or content marketing writers (pink). These colors will be used to update ASJA publications, marketing materials, and the new website under development. They can also be used to identify targeted content, such as conference tracks for sessions on journalism, books, and content marketing.

The design uses a lower-case wordmark for “asja” in a serif font, providing a connection to our previous logo for legacy brand recognition. The full organization name is now larger and rendered in a more readable sans-serif font that complements the wordmark font.

Together, the graphic elements of the new logo support ASJA’s mission: “To be the voice and career resource for independent, entrepreneurial, professional nonfiction writers.”

Why Now

The old “dark red oval” logo definitely needed refreshing! It was dull and outdated, the organization name was hard to read, and the oval design was awkward for social media applications.

Since the new ASJA website project was already underway, it felt like the perfect time to develop a refreshed logo.

How ASJA Chose the New Logo

The ASJA Website Committee prepared a request for quote and received proposals and cost estimates from two graphic designers. The ASJA Board voted on and agreed to the Website Committee’s recommendation to proceed with Think33, the same company that is designing and building the new ASJA website.

The ASJA Website Committee met several times over the fall to narrow the dozens of options Think33 presented. We whittled the options from 34 to 23, then to 12 and 6. After reviewing those 6 designs, the Executive Committee selected 3 finalists. The full ASJA Board voted and chose the final design at the Board Meeting on December 3, 2020.

Where You’ll See the New Logo

We’re excited to have the new logo finalized as it will inform the appearance and graphic design of the new website in development. The new logo has also been rolled out across all ASJA publications and social media channels.

To ensure a consistent approach for strong brand recognition, in keeping with best practices, we developed a style guide that provides information on how the new logo should be used, including specifications for the color palette, fonts, and spacing. The ASJA Logo Style Guide has been provided to volunteers on the ASJA Publications Committee and Kellen, ASJA’s association management company.

Adding the new logo to your personal website is a great way to highlight your ASJA membership. It lets your site visitors and prospective clients know that you are a member of the nation’s largest professional association of freelance nonfiction writers. Visit the website here to download image files and access a copy of the ASJA Logo Style Guide.    

A Bridge to the Future

Content marketing writing has increased dramatically over the past ten years as a market segment for freelance writers. The business model for many ASJA members today involves writing a mix of journalism, content marketing, and book projects.

ASJA will conduct a complete rebranding initiative in the future, but that massive undertaking is beyond the scope of the website redevelopment project. In the meantime, we’re excited to have a refreshed logo finalized now, to inform the appearance and graphic design of the new website in development. It will serve ASJA well as an interim step that provides a visual bridge to the future.

It Takes a Team

This project was hands down one of the best we’ve worked on—ever, for any client. Many thanks to the rest of the Website Committee members — Jessica Brown, Keith Paradise, and Arielle Emmett — for their time and sage input discussing and narrowing the logo candidates to the final three. Finally, we thank the ASJA Board for choosing the final logo at the December board meeting.

ASJA Confidential will be providing regular updates on the progress of ASJA’s new website, starting next month. Stay tuned!