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I'm sure I'd have some sort of career without ASJA—but I have no idea what! Most of the work I do has come to me directly or indirectly through connections I've made from ASJA. It's made all the difference to me.
—Minda Zetlin

ASJA is the only professional association focused on independent nonfiction writers, an often isolated segment of the media world. Members share expertise, ideas, opportunities, and inside information critical to success in a constantly changing environment. Through services such as a member-to-member rights and fees database, contracts and grievance guidance, and diverse educational programs, ASJA membership gives writers the confidence and connections to prosper. Play the video to the right to hear Executive Director Alexandra Owens talk about ASJA.

What ASJA offers is a kind of exclusivity in which you get to communicate easily with people who really know what they are talking about. That's as helpful in the era of Facebook as it was in the era of Western Union.
—Laird Harrison

Take your place among the best freelance writers in the business! Join ASJA and get instant access to hundreds of generous colleagues. We share our expertise and experience: how to negotiate a contract, how much money to ask for, how to pitch your brilliant proposals, and how to find the sources to make your work sing. We share our query letters and book proposals, review contracts and give you the latest insider tips about which editors are looking for what. And whether you're celebrating a well-placed story or facing a rejection, the fellowship of ASJA is there.

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Even after 30 years in journalism, I find ASJA a terrific source of wisdom, advice, cheerleading and friendship. No matter what I seek, I can often find it within our ranks, often from members I've yet to meet. Such generosity is our DNA.
—Caitlin Kelly

With all of the special networking opportunities on the Internet, nothing comes close to ASJA members' expertise. This is where I come each time I have a question, and I get great advice.
—Michele C. Hollow

ASJA Members socializing at ASJA2012